Terms of Product & delivery

1. Pricing and Transactions
a. Except for special circumstances and large quantities of orders, all product prices are subject to online publication. All product prices are in Hong Kong dollars. All the price from online are include with the standard time shipping. For additional charges, the shipping charges to be collected or the reference shipping charges will be stated when the bill is settled.
b. If a refund is required, all refunds will only be returned to the purchaser's Paypal account or the purchaser's credit card account or check. For our security, THE GIFT will not refund the money to the guest in cash or credit, and won’t refund to the third-party account, and THE GIFT will charge 15% administrative fee.

2. Substitution Policy
a. THE GIFT will make every effort to provide products that are aligned with the online product images and descriptions. However, certain products may be subject to seasonal and market supply. In the event that products are unavailable, THE GIFT reserves the right to substitute items using products that are of an equal or greater value in order to meet the delivery requirements of the order.
b. THE GIFT reserves the right to substitute products when necessary. The Company will make every effort to ensure that a replacement product of an equal or higher value is used and that the substituted product is of a similar quality to the requested product.

3. Discount Terms
a. SOME discounted product prices do not include shipping and delivery costs, please refer to the local freight table.
b. All online discounts and product promotions cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or gift vouchers.
c. Product discounts will be applicable during the discount period only. Discounts will not be applied to any order after payment has been taken and customers must apply the discount before finalization of the payment.
d. Discount terms apply in conjunction with any other terms outlined in this agreement or within the terms of each individual discount.

4. Delivery Conditions.
a. THE GIFT will display the full product price, shipping costs and total payment required before checkout.
b. Customers need to make the order on or before 18:00 on each day for advanced notice is required, and we can make the delivery within our standard delivery hour.
For the order and delivery date are on same day, the delivery time will arrange to 17:00 to 20:00. If the event that traffic conditions or any other accidents delay delivery, the Company's customer service representative will contact the customer.
c. THE GIFT will not be held liable for delivery delay or omissions to the following situation, customer will be required to meet any additional charges:
i.     For all hospital delivery orders, THE GIFT will deliver the products according the delivery information provided by the purchaser. If the orders are not delivered due to inaccurate delivery information or recipient’s unavailability, that delivery will be considered unsuccessful.
ii.    The recipient
unavailable to accept delivery at the delivery address within the appointed delivery period.
iii.    Incorrect shipping address.
iv.    Insufficient recipient information to complete the delivery.

v.    The contact telephone number of the recipient is incorrect or invalid.
vi.   The typhoon signal No. 8 or above is hoisted by the Observatory or a black rainstorm warning signal is issued.
vii.   If the requested gift must be delivered within a specified period of time or within a narrow timeframe, we reserve the right to turn down requests if the delivery resources are not available to meet special requests.
viii.  Delivery time specification – Specific requests for delivery times require a minimum one working day (within office hour 09:00 – 18:00) notice prior to delivery. If the notice is received less than 24 hours prior to delivery, we will endeavor to fulfill the request but cannot guarantee that this will be possible. If such a request requires an additional transportation fee of HK$180, this will be billed to the customer. For delivery enquiries, please contact customer service hotline at 852 2739 8808 or WhatsApp at 852 5920 1618 for inquiries.
ix.    If products are not delivered as a result of the recipient’s unavailability or due to inaccurate delivery information, the purchaser will be required to meet all additional delivery charges as follow:
x.     Delivery within Hong Kong time is according to the following schedule:


8am - 1pm


  Free Shipping


2pm - 6pm


8am - 6pm 






7am - 8am

10am - 11am

8pm – 9pm

8am - 9am

11am - 12pm


9am - 10am

12pm -   1pm 



1pm -   2pm 



2pm -   3pm



3pm -   4pm



4pm -   5pm 



5pm -   6pm 



6pm -   7pm



7pm -   8pm


xi) Any products including perishable products that are undeliverable due to weather or traffic conditions will be redelivered to the same delivery location next day is free of charge.
xii) THE GIFT cannot guarantee the quality of perishable items as a result of additional transit time for re-delivery. If the customer requires fresh items to be re-packed for the re-delivery.

A delivery surcharge will be applicable for any redirection of orders.
Delivery within Hong Kong time is according to the following schedule:
Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories District – HKD 120
Outlying islands and remote areas – HKD220 ~ HKD 550
*If you need to specify the time or urgent delivery to the above general areas, customers can call the (852) 2739 8808 customer service hotline to inquire about the relevant charges.
* Except for the general areas listed above, there will be no designated time service in other districts and outlying islands and remote areas. If you have any enquiries, you can call us at (852) 2739 8808
for the customer service hotline.
*Emergency delivery service is not available in other areas and in outlying islands and remote areas.

5. Complaints Policy
a. Fruit are perishable products and we are therefore unable to refund orders once they have been delivered. To make a complaint about any of our products including fruit, food, beverages and other perishable items or damaged gifts, you can contact the customer service department within 24 hours of receiving the gift hamper. Our customer service representatives will work with you to resolve your complaint. In the event that you contact us outside office hours and public holidays, the Customer Service Division will contact you on the next working day.
b. THE GIFT reserves the right to request photos of the original product(s). To assist us in quality control we may request to collect the original products.

6. Cancellation Policy
a. If you wish to cancel an order that contains any fruits, food, beverages and other perishable items, you must do so 48 hours prior to the requested delivery time. If your request to cancel an order is received less than 48 hours prior to the proposed delivery, you will be charged HK $ 200 for administrative costs. In the event that fruit, food, beverages, other products, packaging material and any other items have already been packaged or dispatched, the order cannot be cancelled, and you will be required to pay the full value of the original order.
b. If you wish to cancel any non-perishable purchases, you must do so at least 48 hours in advance of the proposed delivery time. Cancellations received less than 48 hours of the delivery time, refund will be provided less delivery charges.
c. To cancel an order, customers should call the Customer Services hotline on (+852) 2739 8808 or email: cs@thegift.com.hk, providing details of the order number.

7. Alteration & Amendments of Orders
a. We are unable to provide any alterations or amendments for orders that are in the process of being prepared, already prepared and/or in transit.
b. Depending upon the alteration or amendments the Customer must pay for any additional fees and charges incurred.
c. In the event that the value of any replacement goods is lower than the value of the original product, the difference in value will not be refunded.
d. THE GIFT reserves the right to refuse order adjustment or amendments.

8. Return Conditions and Procedures
a.This clause does not apply to all fruit, food, beverages and other perishable items. We are unable to refund, return or exchange these goods once they have been packaged or are in the process of being delivered to the recipient.
b. In order to be applicable for a full refund, the gift must not be damaged or stained in any way and the original packaging should be full and intact. Returns will not be permitted for any incomplete item that has damaged packaging.
c. If more than 14 working days has passed since the goods were delivered or notice to return the gift to our company was made, the Company reserves the right to refuse to accept the return of the goods.
d. All refunds for orders placed online or over the telephone will be credited back to cheque or PayPal account on which the order was purchased within 7 days. No cash refunds are offered.
e. An administrative fee of HKD$100(per item) applies for the refund request due customers' own responsibility or reason.

9. Discount Goods
a. All discounted goods and promotional items are non-returnable, unless they are of an unacceptable quality, as per the terms contained within the Quality of Goods Policy (15). Damaged goods must be returned within 3 days of recipient in order to qualify for a full return and refund.

10. The Quality of Goods
a. We are committed to providing guests with high quality products. However, we understand that there may be rare occasions upon which the production process may result in a product that does not meet quality requirements. Please contact us at (+852 2739 8808) for more details.

11. Fresh Food Quality
a. THE GIFT allows for a rigorous selection process to personally select the highest quality fresh fruit, food and beverages. However, these items are perishable and natural products are susceptible to both indoor and outdoor weather conditions, both of which shorten the life cycle of fresh products.
b. To ensure that fruits and fresh foods are kept at their best for longer periods of time, we recommend that customers store them in the refrigerator or in other shades. Customers are advised to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, high temperatures and air conditioning as this can adversely affect their quality. Fruits and perishable foods are prone to different situations, and once the Hong Kong gift  baskets are delivered, they cannot be guaranteed.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Contact at (852) 2739 8808. THE GIFT reserves the right to resolve the issue and make a final decision on a case-by-case basis.